Sunday, June 9, 2013

Picking at the Peachtree Highway Sale in South Carolina!


Last weekend we made our third trip to the Peachtree Highway Sale near Lexington, SC. Peach orchards line the highway and small towns like Monetta, Ward, Johnson, Batesville-Leesburg and Ridge Springs enjoy the extra business.

I recently read an article about the Little Free Libraries and was very excited to see one in Ridge Springs. A place to get and give a free book.

  It is heartening to see American flags everywhere along the highway.

We had a great lunch at the Jupiter restaurant. They have the largest collection of dinette tables and chairs we had ever seen. It was hard to choose a favorite.

It would have nice to have brought home this rusted pergola in front of an abandoned building for my rust-loving picking sister.

A water pump, worn red paint and a fun sign on the front door. 

Crumbling barns and exquisite homes - both familiar sites in rural SC.



  We didn't even know there WERE funnel cake fingers!

These buildings made nice billboards in their day.

Not very high tech, but if you were too hot, this was just the ticket. It was a few chairs set up around a fan. No kidding.


The American Pickers would covet this old GE sign.


What did we find? Take a look! This radio works!

These cuties are vintage Christmas ornaments.


 Never enough icebox dishes.

A FireKing Tony ESSO mug.

Our favorite pick of the trip was this cowboy bedspread.

Here's an assortment of tacky souvenirs we can't resist.


Then there are the odd, silly and just for fun kitsch treasures. Like tiny plastic babies and teeny ceramic animals

 Green Melmac-like dishes and a pink jewelry/hardware chest.

Howdy Doody!
A card of bobbers for fishing and an Easy Money game. 


Lots more fun stuff to put in our etsy shop at soon!






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