Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who are the Picking Sisters?

We thought it would be fun to post a profiles of the Picking Sisters! You know that we live for garage sales, estate sales, highway sales, thrift shops and flea markets all over the southeast. You know we love vintage pre-loved housewares and funky home décor. And that we opened an etsy shop to sell the oodles of "other people's old stuff" at but did you know...

This is big sister Jeri when President Eisenhower was in office.
Favorite Pick: Anything marked 25 cents like

Collects: Sock Monkeys & anything Curious George like
 Elmer and Pauline

This is Jeri's lucky picking hat
Important to know:
Great at trivia
Lousy housekeeper
Always late
Wants a goat
Crossword champ
Household includes Jelly the cat who does yoga


Claim to fame: Once made a bull laugh


This is Laura probably laughing at Jeri's goofy ponytail.

Favorite Picks: Any paint by number and quilts like
Collects: Tiny dogs
This is Laura's lucky picking hat
Important to know:
Savvy traveler
Fabulous cook
Always early
Can make Jeri laugh with only a look
Constantly improving her golf game
Household includes dog Charlie who she taught to dance
Claim to fame: Can read a map AND follow a compass
Please see more picks on Pinterest at Jeri Gale on Pinterest
We wish you all the giggles we have shared as
sisters who are also


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