Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Picking Sisters Pick Vieques!

WHAT? A trip without picking? Yes, I believe they spell that v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n. W e headed off to the island of Vieques for 4 days of tropical adventure to celebrate our respective 60th birthdays. How was the road at sixty? Nothing short of divine. Never had I been without TV or computer for so long or missed it less.

Vieques is a short flight on a teeny plane from Puerto Rico. See how close I am to the pilot .

Being a horse lover, I was tickled to see them everywhere. They have the run on the island along with roosters and dogs. 

This is a crab "farm". They trap the land crabs and fatten them up before eating.
Primitive? Or efficient!

 Gorgeous flowers and brightly painted homes. Fabulous food. Beautiful and sparsely populated beaches. We snorkeled, swam, kayaked and walked to take in the scenery and the blue-green water of the Caribbean.

The biggest draw for us was the Bio Bay. We joined 16 other double kayaks out into the pitch black water with our guide to see one the world's last bioluminescent bays. The water lights up in a moonstone green everywhere the water is touched by the kayak, the paddle or your hand. When you pull your hand out of the water, it looks as if there are diamonds dripping from it. No photos can capture it, but the memories of a starlit night and watching fish light up the water are worth the dreaded taking off of the shoes for the TSA.

We rode horses on the beach and weaved in and out of hills with stunning views of the mountains and the water. 

Sweet Murphy was a pleasure to ride.

Seeing all of this from horseback was dream-like. I hope to return to the island soon...

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