Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Retirement Home for Horses

We were picking in High Springs, FL when Jeri read in a local magazine that there was a horse sanctuary in nearby Alachua. Fascinated by the idea of a retirment home for horses, Jeri did her best to locate Mill Creek Farm on County Road 235A, but we found it anyway! Cost of admission? Carrots. Seriously, carrots.

This big beautiful blonde was a draft horse.

Horse whispering?

These animals have been neglected or abused or unwanted. They spend their last years on 600 acres of tree-lined pastures. No more work or suffering - just love, good care and lots of carrots. The blind ones were amazing and they came to the fence for treats just like the others!  It was hard to tell whether the horses or the visitors enjoyed themselves more.

We are so sorry we will miss the 4th Annual Spring Sale at Mill Creek Farm on March 24th from
10:00AM - 3:00PM. If you need more info about the sale go to www.millcreekfarm.org. I hope to someday adopt a horse!

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