Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back on the Picking Highway!

This is the first post since November because local picking has been slim. We are tickled to see warm weather because that means more highway sales and festivals! The Peaches to Beaches sale runs from Fort Valley, GA (peach country) to Brunswick, GA on the coast. Nice folks, good prices and the laughs pick right up where we left off in 2011. Hope you'll enjoy seeing our new treasures!

This sale is big news along the highway.

A lovely sign right in the middle of a sale in Baxley.

Jeri has to stop and read every sign...

Always time to pet the critters like this piggie named Charlotte.

Believe it or not his name is AFFLAC!

Why not pull the tractor up in the yard? You never know what folks are looking for.

If you think the sign was rundown check out the "estate".

This home was packed with antiques. It must have been exquisite in its day.


A $1.00 birdcage with no bottom made a perfect trellis!

How fabulous is this paint by number of Paris?

We remembered having this cup and saucer at our house in the 1950's.

We can't seem to get enough old signs.

A pristine sandwich plate for ladies who played cards...

Anything turquoise and plastic grabs us!

A milk glass Kit Carson mug by Hazel Atlas.

A cool harmonica made in Germany. 

Of course we kept a few treasures for ourselves - a $1.00 table with a stained glass top, an old metal iron horse for Jeri's collection of everything horse, a vintage metal cookbook holder, a blue plaster bird with wire legs and a grand table with  peeling paint red that was originally used to help a gardener stand after kneeling.

The pick of the pickings was a Hubley Bathing Beauties Cast Iron Door Stop.

All in all a wonderful day and we are off to Gainesville
and Micanopy, FL next weekend. Our etsy shop will be
full again very soon! 

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