Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Florida Trip for the Picking Sisters

We both took a Friday off of work and headed to the Gainesville, FL area for a weekend of picking. No big sales this time, just local garage sales and flea markets. Armed with maps, a Garmin, 2 iphones and a Samsung tablet we plotted our route with Craigslist sales and local newspapers. Jeri STILL managed to get us lost. So much for all the new map features - she looked like a air traffic controller with a lap full of devices and screens. And STILL couldn't tell north from west. 

The other Picking Sister says I should show more treasures on these posts, so here are some of our favorites from this weekend. Of course there will be a funky signs and sights along the way...

These squeaky clean party games from the 1950's are hysterical!
 The original drink charms for your parties.

Jeri loved these teeny tiny rollers - only 2" long.
Two of our favorites - dogs AND paint by number!
Emmett Kelly was from Savannah so we were thrilled to find this paint by number.

This refrigerator magnet is one of a set of 3 we bought at Salvage Sisters.

Anyone need a plate?

Couldn't resist a trip to the Salvage Sisters; one of our favorite spots to wander and shop.
These gals are in Yulee, FL.


A collection of swizzle sticks from hotels in Miami, FL and Kansas City, MO.


One of the most amazing places we have ever been is the Horse Retirement Sanctuary we discovered in Alachua. It deserves its own post, so I will add it tonight. Watch our etsy.com site
etsy.com/shop/mysistersbarn  for the other treasures we picked in Florida!


  1. My daughter is in Gainesville & I know there are some awesome thrift/picking places up in that area. Great post to see!

  2. Those drink charms are awesome! What a great find!