Sunday, April 3, 2011

Picking Plus a Parade in Darien , GA!

     The Picking Sisters headed south yesterday for Darien, GA & the traditional annual Blessing of the Fleet. The shrimpers are a vital part of this area & the blessing is celebrated with an
All-American small town parade down Main Street, which is actually US Hwy. 17. With I-95 now running through Georgia, you can easily skip Darien, but if you love a treasure of a little town like we do, go enjoy the history, the oaks covered in moss & a scenic working shrimp dock.

     Laura was already  waiting in my driveway at 6:30AM yesterday morning, but it was worth the early hour - we found the kitschiest of all kitsch at a church sale! It's a poodle made of shells. We also bought 8 goose decoys (which we had never seen & were told they were 60 years old).

We sat on the curb & enjoyed the floats & the patriotic tone of the parade.

 A Shrimp Boat float!

Who doesn't love to hug a giant pig?

When is a golf cart a parade float? When it's decked out with a grocery cart on top and accompanied by the Piggly Wiggly pig.

Ronald McDonald on one of a large fleet of old & new fire trucks.

Shriners do the most incredible charitable work so they are forgiven their
antics where big men ride small bikes.

Fort Stewart is closeby and the crowd welcomed the 3rd ID band.

These horses were smokin' (well not the horses themselves - look closely.)

Big dogs get to celebrate too.

No parade is complete without the wonderfully wacky Shriners.

This clever creation represented the McIntosh Art Association.
There is an art gallery in the Old Jail.

This shrimpy painter was our favorite!

The Picking Sister ready for the parade.

Perhaps a delightfully no-nonsense candidate?

What IS under those kilts???

 And of course there are the beauty queens...

I can't seem to get enough of  funky & unusual signs. 
This was definitely worth the u-turn for the photo.

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  1. Great job. This just goes to prove that old saying, "The road to sell is paved with good collections!"