Saturday, April 9, 2011

Springtime in Statesboro, GA!

Spring is actually bustin' out all over and that means outdoor flea markets! This is our 3rd annual trip to the outdoor market at 67 Antique Mall. Where is it? On Highway 67, natch.

It was a great day and we snagged a pair of paint by numbers, a set of fabulous tea trays from the 50's, a spiffy ZigZag cigarette poster for Laura, a really old 24" wooden ruler for Jeri and a grand set of metal kitchen cannisters.

Here are some treats we would LOVED to take home...

Then there are the critters large and small we saw browsing with their owners...

Some booths are just visually pleasing like these bottles.

Then there are items with a bit more limited appeal. I wonder who took home
 this stuffed pheasant.

Ghosts of marriages past???

What's for lunch? Or dessert?

It's hard to believe that the prices on this old gas sign were real!


  1. Fabulous pics!
    Fabulous stuff!
    Where to next, sisters!
    Keep it comin'!

    Love your adventures and will be checking in on Etsy!