Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remembrances of Past Pickings

     We hit a fabulous neighborhood garage sale this morning, but the *&%^%$#@ camera is on the blink again, so can you imagine our treats in only words We scored a divinely old globe for Jeri's collection of vintage globes, a large wooden box with a yummy celeryish-aquaish paint patina & an old metal Tetley Tea can. We also grabbed two funky green & orange trivets from the 70's & a 1953 map of the Ocean Highway from New York to Florida.
     It's always fun to find something we've never seen and we found a game called BEANO by Milton Bradley that looks a lot like BINGO, but is advertised on the box as "The Peppy Party Game for Young and Old"!

So please forgive us the lack of new photos & enjoy some of our favorites from our first highway sales when we were just rookie pickers!
You know it's a good sign when pickers are welcomed!

Laura loved the charm of these greeting card samples.
This is the booth where they sold the HILLBILLY BUBBLE BATH...

A must have for Jeri's growing postcard collection.
 These S & P cuties are marked Chille and Willie.

We bought lots & lots of retro bowls.

William Shatner circa 1993!
A fun reminder of a simpler time before cable TV.

  What a sight to see a hole clothesline of these panties for amazons.

How many Potatoe Head ties have you seen?

Beautiful and still works!
The kinds of signs that make our hearts flutter.

Yet another raccoon for a family member & raccoon collector that probably
 wishes we'd stop
bringing her back every kind of raccoon-themed item possible!

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