Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back on the Highway!

     It's such a great feeling to be back on the road. Spring is here with warm weather and the highway sales are starting to pop up again. The picking sister and I headed just a wee bit south or west or whatever yesterday for the Georgia Peaches to Beaches sale along Highway 341. We gladly stretched our picking muscles a bit with the first highway sale of the year. No one who knows me will be surprised that the compass I bought for the car doesn't know north from south. Maybe I should shop in a real store?

     It may be a new year, but some traditions remain; up at an unholy hour in the dark, we don the lucky hats, grab a bag of Mc-something breakfast and drive like the wind for what be miles and miles of hideously expensive gasoline to find a treasure that most people would toss out in the first place (which is why it only costs $.25 for my used mini-Ball jar). We cruise until we see something promising like a church parking lot full of tables or a sign. Very few signs are printed - most are a variety of hand lettered versions. Like the one that offered a "Chester Drawers for Sale". What the heck; we knew what they meant.

My favorite of the day? A large papier mache horse that will someday be painted and hang on a wall in my house. It's priceless to me, but Laura got it for $3.00.

Jeri's Lucky Hat
Laura's Lucky Hat

Of course locally made food is always a draw. What's better than a funnel cake?
 A jumbo funnel cake.

We scored some old (no charge for the mold) board games.

A divine Kool-aid Pitcher with cups at Honest Al's (he really was).

 and some lovely FireKing dishes at a shop called the Front Porch.

What else did we find at The Front Porch? Laura found her knight - she's into heavy metal (sorry).

     Today was about doing the bookkeeping, cleaning our treasures, photographing everything and starting to add more items onto our etsy site. With any luck my energy will hold out at least until the Kool-aid set is on our etsy shop. Every weekend from now to May looks good for an auction, highway sale, parking lot sale or neighborhood sale. Stay tuned for more picking and more treasures!

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