Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to our first post!

January 2011 - Fernandina, FL

For my 30th birthday (OK, 30 x 2) we went to Florida for a weekend of fun, sun and picking along A1A. No sun, but fabulous picking and as always lots of laughs. Some trips seem to have a theme and this one was paint-by-numbers. Other grand finds? A vintage plastic baby bootee bank, a set of red coasters from the 1950's, a gyroscope and a funnel cake maker.

We'll post photos of our finds, photos of funky stuff along the way and from time to time photos of where the goodies we keep end up.

To see more pickings, our etsy shop is linked here!

 We hadn't seen a gyroscope in years, much less such a cute box!

 Even though it was very cold, we were tickled to see a loaded orange tree.

One of the paint-by-numbers we found. We get excited when we find one. 

These flowers were signed, "Your beloved wife."

Cute and in great shape for being 60 yrs. old. (Not Jeri, the bank!)

Redneck and proud of it.

This lucky dog sleeps in a shop in a favorite shop chair.

I didn't know Coke grew this way.

Our finds - even an Auction sign (now in Laura's kitchen).

 The ferry had great views of pelicans feeding by the shrimp boats.

Painted flowers made a charming and colorful window decoration.

Folks here are very serious about their shrimping.

Jeri tossed in a coin and wished for...

A grand plant container!

This shop was owned by twins and one of our favorites.

More stuff from the Salvage Sisters.

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