Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Picking Tip of 2013!

Lucky us! We headed to Florida for New Year's Eve. Edgewater, Florida is south of Daytona Beach. The beach was lovely, the weather mild and the picking was grand.

We watched fireworks on New Smyrna Beach and courtesy of our hosts rang in 2013 with their homemade Comquat Vodka made from their own kumquats. (My picking sister was calling it "kumquat poison" the next morning.)

The flea market at the Deland Fair Grounds was a great find. We found the most paint by number paintings we'd ever found at ONE location. Check them out - a large lighthouse, a large western desert and a pretty pair of ballerinas.

Here's the whole trove!

Laura surprised me with a treat she'd bought for me. Knowing that I love all things horse and cowboy, she bought me a souvenir from the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum. I LOVE this tiny Trigger.

I bought myself a horse as well - a nag. This kooky little plastic nag came with
the story of how Nagshead, NC for founded!

My favorite pick of the trip? These little Mr. Peanut cups!

That Barbie is one busy girl. She went to medical school - who knew? We love
all the treasures that come in the Dr. Barbie accessories!

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  1. May 2013 be a happy, healthy and successful year for the Picking Sisters! Clearly, it is starting off nicely. Fondly, Chrissie