Saturday, October 27, 2012

Windy Day

      We  made an early trip up the road to Statesboro, GA for the Highway 67 Fall sale. Hurricane Sandy off the east coast made for a dark, cold and windy morning. The weather may have been gray, but the picking was great.

See a few of the treasures we picked!

The picking sister was taken with this red phone. I think now she
 feels like she can pick it up and talk to the President.

I am not much of a cook these days (may I defrost something for you?), but
am always attracted to child-sized kitchen toys. We scored twice today.
Tiny cake anyone?

If you are a picker, you have seen a lot of simply ugly lamps. Beauty must be in
the eye of the purple and mid-century modern-loving beholder. Laura loved
these lamps.

We spent quite a while poring through boxes of a family's
momentos - report cards, photos, college papers, awards and
 gifts from a large Ohio family over the last 100 years. Sorting
through the stash was like reading a detailed history of this family.
We finally made a purchase - each  of us got a beautiful spelling
report card filled with gold stars.

This is the largest dresser set we have ever seen. Can't wait to research it for the

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