Friday, May 4, 2012

Hopeful Gardening Around the Barn

Is there a more optimistic thing to do than planting a garden from seed? If the birds don't carry away the seeds, the dog will dig up the plants. Too much or too little water. Too much or too little sun. Soil too tired. Too many weeds or bugs or mysterious plant diseases. Even so, this is my hopeful garden and every morning there is some happy surprise waiting. New growth or a bloom or a seedling just peeking up out of the dirt. My hope has already been rewarded.

This lovely profusion of sight and smell is thanks to my neighbor.
His honeysuckle and confederate jasmine (below)
sneak over the fence every year.

Confederate jasmine has a sweet, citrusy smell that doesn't overwhelm.

Here's an updated photo of my $1.00 birdcage trellis.

These are part of the four oclock's I planted from seed. I hope to post another photo of them soon climbing up a trellis. We used to pick four o'clocks in the lane behind our house and string the flowers to make "lei's". If you put them in the freezer they would last longer.

This hydrangea bush is a miracle of nature. The stunning blooms look as if the flowers were misted with blue watercolor paint. It totally dies back in the winter and by April it's green and full and blooming.

This shade from my pecan tree will be greatly appreciated very soon. Sitting under it makes it possible to stay in the yard outside without being drenched in sweat - and it isn't
even summer yet.

These are my hope garden beds as in, I hope they'll grow! The plate border
was an idea from the Salvage Sisters' shop outside of Jacksonville, FL. The above
bed is all morning glories.

These are my giant black-eyed Susan's from seed. I promise to send more
photos along as these plants climb the fence.

You got to love the lily. It is hardy, totally idiot-proof and requires no care.
A very independent plant indeed!

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