Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Weeks Passes in the Barn Garden

So here it is, a week or so since my corny garden post. Some things are growing nicely...

Tomato plants in a bread box I bought for $2.00 are settling in nicely.

Zinnias showing tiny first sprouts so the seeds will one day be flowers.

Lantana is lush and covered with with bright blooms.

Morning Glory vines starting their fence climb in preparation for flowering.

Sunflowers gaining at least a foot every week.

But then there are the ornamental poppies I planted (below). Two weeks have
passed and zippo signs of life. The package says "seeds will sprout in 8-10 days". Right
climate, right soil and sun, but no growth so far. I will give these containers
another few days to show some action, then go to plan B.

Stay tuned for Plan B in the garden by the barn.

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