Monday, June 20, 2011

What Do You Two Do With All That Stuff?

     We know folks who follow us really want to know where all the stuff we pick ends up! 
     Well, there's our Etsy shop and a couple of yard sales and gifts and of course ...
what we keep for ourselves. This week you'll get a chance to see the amazing cottage of one picking sister and her super-creative use of vintage treasures in her home. This is truly reuse and recycle at its very best.

Even the porch is adorned with vintage finds - the mailbox, the plaster bird and the golf pin.

A bamboo tray for a bar and an old map for wall art. Well done!

The Bench Before

No vintage home is complete without a vintage dog. 
This cutie was rescued from a
nearby shelter. Is he cute OR WHAT?

Next week you'll see the other picking sister's home and how she uses
her vintage goodies. Best of all, you'll meet HER vintage pooch!


  1. Hi Picking Sisters,
    Thanks for the great photos of your homes with all your found treasures! What a fun addiction you have found.

  2. Awesome 5o'clock clock, time for a libation!
    Are you the new tv show coming in august?