Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Do You Do With All That Stuff? Part 2

     Fair is fair, so here are photos of my home so you can see where more of our vintage pickings live after they are discovered on our picking adventures. None of them
 were expensive, but in addition to being reused instead of discarded they are
 unique and happy reminders of our travels.

Ignore my mess. This is my computer desk with an enamel metal top that used to
be found in lots of kitchens!

This painted rack for 45 RPM records holds my postcard collection.

I have vintage shelves everywhere. The Milkbone  jar was found
on our first highway sale for $1.00.

This screen separates my office from the bedroom. The size was perfect!

I love horses and paint by number paintings so these two are perfect. 
The biggest one was only $1.00!

A lovely shade of aqua on this shelf drew me to it. The bird painting was $.50.

My collection of sea-colored Christmas ornaments.

Small chairs make  great holders for my always expanding book collection.

I have three fixer-upper pets. They are all rescues and make grand companions.

This is Sallie, part Lab, part Rottweiler and 100% sweet.

This is Tiger in his Spanish mood. 

This is Jellie and she has a really  super sense of humor.

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