Monday, September 3, 2012

Back on the Flea Market Road Again!

One of our favorite areas to visit and shop for vintage treasures! Divine mountain scenery, cool evenings, wonderful locally owned restaurants and hiking to waterfalls. And of course miles of walking in warehouses packed with vintage goodies.

Every trip to Asheville includes a trip to The Tobacco Barn. We made quite a few purchases
and of course Jeri was busy taking photos. I thought this was the ugliest lamp ever, but Laura who loves everything mid-century thought it was fab.

From ladders to letters, kitch to oddities this warehouse is stuffed with an incredible number
of items to browse through.

This juke box record player is on my wish list!

Another not-to-be-missed place for vintage is ScreenDoor in Asheville. We wandered for
hours and saw the only other Blue Horse coupons we have ever seen. (We recently bought a large jar of them!)

We always stay in Flat Rock, NC at Highland Lake Cottages. Imagine how tickled we were to find a white peacock on our back porch. Must have been a good picking omen.

Jeri loves goats - baby goats, old grandfather goats and even metal goats. Flat Rock abounds!

Just for grins I texted home this picture from our trip. I didn't mention that it was a stuffed display at the Ranger's station...

NEVER enough photos of cool signs.

Lots of large outdoor markets are filled with more new stuff than old, produce and tools, but we
did find a few vintage items.

These cucumbers were huge!

We saw a large structure at Smiley's covered with a tarp and couldn't resist sneaking underneath. It was an amazing merry-go-round! 

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