Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jeri, Jeri Quite Contrary...

It's still really slow (TOO HOT) for finding many sales, so I have really spent more time tending to my garden. Now that summer is coming to an end, I have made a report card for myself. Some efforts were spectacular successes (sunflowers and four o'clocks), others were total failures (poppies). Enjoy the bright colors of the sunflowers, zinnias, wildflowers, four o'clocks and morning glories.

The Picking Sisters have two trips coming up to NC and to Florida, so the next post will be the vintage treasures we all love. (P.S. -Scroll to the end to see a recent sign score!)

Morning glories tangled with sunflowers and into the neighbor's yard.

B+ for the Morning Glories. Lush vines, but  not as many blooms as last year.

A+ for the sunflowers. The no-fail seeds made it easy to grow towering plants with
dinner-plate sized blooms.

Watching the sunflowers open was great fun - like a really cool science experiment.

Here's something I learned...whenever I cut the flowers the plants would
morph into one that made multiple small blooms instead of the single giant ones! 

When we were little one of our favorite things to do in the summer was picking four o'clock flowers and stringing them on a vine to make lei. They grew wild in the lane and always closed up at night. The ones I grew thrived and bloomed, but only at night. I finally looked at the seed packet and these were evening bloomers. Note to self: READ the seed packets next year.

I am especially proud of coaxing a bloom from this $1 Calla lily I bought at a thrift shop.

How rainy has it been? Look what sprouted in just 2 days...

And now the sign. It's 3' by 5' and "it's the Real Thing" from the 70's or 80's!

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