Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What We DID NOT Do in North Carolina

Jeri couldn't resist sharing her ice cream with this cute little bear.
Downtown Hendersonville is Bear Country!

The Picking Sisters went to Western North Carolina for a few days to the goat farm in Flat Rock, to see the Smoky Mountains, breathe cool air (in the 60's) and, of course, pick. OK, the goat farm is actually the cottages at Highland Lake where they have a few goats, geese and a stunning vegetable garden. The food everywhere we went was local or organic and yummy. Breathtaking views of the mountains, stunning waterfalls, great shopping, divine flowers blooming everywhere. But the picking? Not so much. 

The goats were glad to see us!

We called this goat Grandpa because of his long white beard.

Jeri herding goats.

This post is about we DIDN'T do. For example, we picked in Etowah, Hendersonville, Asheville, Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, Columbus, Flat Rock, Bat Cave (yes, it's a real place), Brevard, NC and Lexington, SC.  We just didn't find a lot of our kind of stuff.

 This is the entire haul!

Here are a few shots from Bat Cave. We LOVED the scarecrows!

What else did we NOT do? We went to Chimney Rock State Park, but didn't go up to Chimney Rock because the elevator was out of order. We went to the Pisgah Forest Equestrian Center, but didn't ride - no time. We went to Sliding Rock, but didn't slide down - no bathing suits. We went to the climbing wall in downtown Asheville, but didn't climb - too chicken. All on our list for next time (except for that climbing wall).

 Weren't we smart to climb down these rocks in flip-flops to put our feet in the stream?

We took these of ourselves - maybe we should have figured out the self-timer 
before we went away?

We loved this sign in an Asheville shop window.

These monkeys were just sitting on a coach in an Asheville yarn shop.

This place in Asheville is called the Tobacco Barn and it's huge. Here are some photos of the place, fun signs and a few grand things we did not buy. 


Here's the front of a Coke cooler hanging from the ceiling. Cool wall art, no?

One final stop at the US 1 Flea Market  in South Carolina on the way home. Aren't these the
 best stripper shoes ever?

We guess this sign is for the people who are wondering where they are?

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